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About Us

premium quality products with
beeswax additives


Smart is Quality;

The European Leather Technology Center has been certifying and testing the quality of shoes and leather care products regularly tested and certified every year since 2002.

Smart is Your Shoe's Friend;

Thanks to  natural waxes protects and preserves smooth leathers. It is an oil based polish. Keeps the leather soft. The waterproof feature extends the life of your shoe. It provides your leather shoes with  nourishment, protection  and shine, while giving them proven long-lasting water protection.

Smart is Economic;

European brand; all sections can buy and use from shoe shops and markets all over the world which is manufactured with European standards.

Smart is Smart;

This is the smartest way to take care of the shoes due to different practical and easy usability products.

Quality shoes need care...

Within four seasons, our skin, our clothes and above all our shoes are getting most damage in winter season.
In winter,  Harsh conditions  are to corrode leather shoes. Salt after heavy snowfall and rain start to destroy the leather of shoes.
You should take care of Leather shoes all the year round, but in the winter conditions it is more difficult.
Shoes can get damage very easy. But to avoid it also easy. You can follow the given steps to take care of your leather goods.
We always say that I will do but it happens rarely. Paste, softeners and waterproofers are generally necessary in winter season. Now it’s time to polish. In case we use paste to leather we prepare a protecting shield against stain and salt. Waterproof products help prevent water and dirt from penetrating your shoes. 
Use a brush or cloth to remove any loose dirt from the shoes. Removing dirt and salt prevent penetrating them to leather. Always keep your shoes clean. Therefore it is better to carry practical insstant sponges in the bag,in your car even in your pocket.

It has become the most widely used and known brand all over the world in a short time with its oil-based, waterproof, leather-proof shoe polish quality. Turkey and European Union Consumer Quality Award winner brand; continues to meet all the necessary needs in shoe care.